New book by Tristen Naylor examines ‘social closure’ and management of international society

01 February, 2019

A new book by Tristen Naylor, who completed the MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy at ODID in 2009, explores the exclusive clubs that manage international society, from the ‘Family of Civilised Nations’ to the G20 today.

Laying the foundations of a theory of ‘international social closure’ this book examines how actors compete for a seat at the table in the management of international society and how that competition stratifies the international domain.

In a broad historical survey, he investigates the politics of membership in these clubs, providing us with a new way to think about how status competition has changed over time and what this means for international politics today.

With its sociologically grounded theory, the book advances English School scholarship and transforms the study of contemporary summitry, providing a ground-breaking approach rooted in archival research, elite interviews, and ethnographic participant observation.