New Book: India and the British Empire Co-edited by Nandini Gooptu

28 September, 2012

A new book, India and the British Empire, edited by Douglas M. Peers of Canada's Waterloo University and ODID's Nandini Gooptu, will be published by OUP on October 4.

The essays in the collection delineate the complicated interplay between imperial rulers and their subjects in India, and illuminate the economic, political, environmental, social, cultural, ideological, and intellectual contexts which informed, and were in turn informed by, these interactions.

The book pays particular attention to a cluster of binary oppositions that have framed South Asian history, namely colonizer/colonized, imperialism/nationalism, and modernity/tradition, and how new analytical frameworks are emerging which make it possible to think beyond the constraints imposed by these binaries.

Nandini Gooptu is Reader in South Asian Studies and will be Head of Department from October 2012.

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