New book edited by Masooda Bano examines Salafi social and political movements

28 September, 2021

A new book edited by Masooda Bano examines the impact of reforms in Saudi Arabia on Salafi intellectual thought, da'wa (proselytising) movements and jihadi groups.

Salafi Social and Political Movements: National and Transnational Contexts, published by Edinburgh University Press:

  • Explores the factors shaping social liberalisation within Saudi Arabia
  • Presents examples of reforms within Salafi intellectual thought
  • Shows dynamism and adaptability within Salafi da‘wa movements in different country contexts
  • Addresses the critical question of growing infighting within Salafi jihadi groups

The book introduces the history of the rise and spread of Salafism during the 20th century as a global Islamic reform movement. It also explains Salafi tools of methodological reasoning: traditionally used to justify highly conservative positions, they now appear equally effective in defending more liberal life choices. 

The collection highlights the diversity of Salafi movements, as well as the significance of the ongoing socio-economic and political changes within Saudi Arabia and the wider Muslim world that are enabling shifts to this conservative Islamic scholarly tradition.

Masooda Bano (ed) (2021) Salafi Social and Political Movements: National and Transnational Contexts, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.