New article by Georgia Cole explores use of 'sensitive' interview questions

20 July, 2018

A new article by Georgia Cole exploring Eritrean refugees' attitudes towards refugee assistance, and the use of 'sensitive' interview questions, has been published in Refugee Survey Quarterly.

The article draws upon interviews with Eritrean refugees in Uganda, detailing their responses to the question of how support to refugees can be justified where similar assistance is not provided to host nationals. The article also looks at the issue of sensitive interview questions, and provides an extensive justification as to why this angle of enquiry was pursued. It seeks “to learn from and interpolate the opinions of refugees into divisive discussions around their rights to services… and to provide a methodological justification for having asked these individuals to enter this debate.”

Georgia Cole (2018) '“But if Locals are Poorer than you, How would you Justify Additional Help?”: Rethinking the Purpose of Sensitive Interview Questions', Refugee Survey Quarterly, DOI: 10.1093/rsq/hdy010