MPhil student Brian Oosthuizen launches charity to support LGBTQ+ refugees in need

27 September, 2019

Founded by Brian Oosthuizen, Money For Migrants provides a platform that links donors directly to LGBTQ+ refugees in Nairobi.

Brian Oosthuizen, who is now in his second year of the MPhil in Development Studies, is studying the process of self-making that LGBTQ+ refugees in East Africa undertake during the process of migration. He set up the charity after visiting Nairobi for his fieldwork.

‘Whilst spending time among them in Nairobi, I realised that, however interesting and important this topic is, it is largely overshadowed by the day-to-day struggles they face. On account of their dual identities as both refugees often without permission to work – and LGBTQ+ people, they are persecuted and pushed to the margins of society; figuratively and literally,' said Brian, who launched the charity in September.

The unstable conditions of the refugees mean that they are often still subject to persecution and discrimination. They regularly go without work, food, medication, or transport to their asylum meetings in central Nairobi.

To mitigate the daily suffering faced by this community, Money for Migrants facilitates direct, one-to-one giving by linking donors to a refugee they can ‘sponsor’ with a monthly donation of £12, with funds going towards rent, food, medicine and other resources.

Utilising a partnership with the Refugee Coalition of East Africa, Money for Migrants aims to reach the estimated seven hundred LGBTQ+ refugees based in Nairobi. 

Find out more about Money for Migrants.