Miles Tendi Writes Guardian Comment on Voter Attitudes Ahead of Zimbabwe Elections

25 January, 2013

ODID's Miles Tendi has written a comment piece for the Guardian on voter attitudes ahead of elections expected in Zimbabwe later this year.

According to Dr Tendi, there is growing disaffection in urban areas towards the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, as well as discontent within the party itself. Meanwhile, protracted negotiations over the new constitution have led to voter apathy in the cities, which could also harm Tsvangirai's prospects. He adds that some commentators believe the need to align old laws with the new constitution might in any case force a postponement of the elections, which would intensify voter apathy. 

Miles Tendi is Departmental Lecturer in African History and Politics. His book, Making History in Mugabe's Zimbabwe: Politics, Intellectuals and the Media, was published in 2010.