Memoirs in My Suitcase: new exhibition at the Pitt Rivers museum

17 April, 2019

A new exhibition about the Turkish guest workers in Europe in the 1960s will be held at the University’s Pitt Rivers Museum in December 2019, convened by Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz, Lecturer in Migration and Development at ODID.

Memoirs in My Suitcase explores the rich history and the personal journeys of the Turkish guest workers through a display of their photos, their letters to their families and even their suitcases, passports and train tickets.

The exhibition is convened by Dr Korkmaz together with Gökhan Duman, leader of the DiasporaTurk initiative. DiasporaTurk brings together researches and volunteers to collect and share the stories and experiences of Turkish migrants living around the world, sharing hundreds of photos, stories and immigration objects.

Memoirs in My Suitcase will also include various seminars and workshops to elaborate the history of labour migration from different perspectives

The display will be open to the public at the Archive Case, Pitt Rivers Museum, from 10 December 2019 to 31 May 2020.