IMI wins $400,000 for New Project on Mobility in African Great Lakes Region

20 December, 2011

The MacArthur Foundation has awarded the International Migration Institute (IMI) a grant of US$400,000 to study the complex interrelationships between patterns of migration and displacement in the context of violent conflict.

This study will focus on the Great Lakes region of Africa, which has been immersed in conflict for many years. The movement of people in the region is often analysed primarily as a process of displacement, with little consideration of other ‘normal’ reasons for moving, such as a jobs, education or marriage. Policy responses tend to focus on solving this displacement, often by returning people to their place of origin, but such responses frequently fail to recognize the complex mix of motivations for migration. This can result in people wanting to resist such interventions.

Gaining a better understanding of the underlying processes of migration is essential if we are to find more effective ways of helping societies to emerge from prolonged conflict and move towards sustainable development. IMI staff working on the new project (Oliver Bakewell and Ayla Bonfiglio) will collect data in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Uganda, in partnership with regional academic institutions.