From Fortress Europe to Sanctuary Europe: RSC hosts Refugee Week 2016 conference

21 June, 2016

As part of Refugee Week 2016, the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford City of Sanctuary, the national City of Sanctuary movement, and the British Red Cross, hosted a special two-day conference titled rom Fortress Europe to Sanctuary Europe: Building a Social Movement for Inclusive Asylum on 18-19 June.

With a focus on welcoming refugees through their journey towards protection and integration, the event brought together academics, NGO practitioners, civil society groups, and refugees from across Europe to engage in action-oriented mutual learning.

The event sought to encourage dialogue and collaborative learning in relation to advocacy, practices of integration, and social and economic inclusion. Moving beyond describing current challenges, it sought to identify good practices and opportunities for social change, focusing on how communities can become more welcoming, and how to break down the social and economic barriers refugees can face.  

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