Forced Migration Review 56 on Latin America and Caribbean now online

06 October, 2017

The latest issue of Forced Migration Review, focussing on Latin America and the Caribbean, is now online.

Latin America and the Caribbean have long demonstrated hospitality towards those fleeing conflict and persecution within the region and further afield. Faced with newer causes of displacement, such as the violence of organised criminal gangs and the adverse effects of climate change, Latin American and Caribbean countries are continuing to expand and adapt their protection laws and mechanisms in order to address these and other situations of displacement. There is much to commend in the region’s commitment to providing protection, and much to learn from its varied, often innovative approaches.

This issue contains 31 articles on Latin America and the Caribbean, plus five ‘general’ articles on other topics.

Authors include Filippo Grandi (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) contributing the Foreword on ‘Regional solidarity and commitment to protection in Latin America and the Caribbean’.

Read the issue: