Forced Migration Review 54 on Resettlement now online

09 February, 2017

The latest issue of Forced Migration Review, with a major feature on Resettlement, is now online at

Resettlement is receiving greater prominence not only in light of US President Donald Trump’s recent actions but in the context of the recent surge in numbers of refugees. This issue looks at some of the modalities and challenges of resettlement in order to shed light on debates such as how – and how well – resettlement is managed, whether it is a good use of the funds and energy it uses, and whether it is a good solution for refugees.

This FMR also contains a mini-feature on Post-deportation risks and monitoring plus four articles on other forced migration topics: climate-related displacement in Bangladesh, asylum seekers’ consumption patterns, refugee and migrant children in Europe, and statelessness in Switzerland.

This issue includes one article by an ODID staff member and one by an ODID student:

Resettlement: where’s the evidence, what’s the strategy?

Alexander Betts

Rethinking how success is measured

Chloe Marshall-Denton

FMR provides a forum for researchers, policymakers, practitioners and displaced people to analyse the causes and impacts of displacement; share research findings; debate policies and programmes; reflect the lived experience of displacement; and present examples of good practice and recommendations for policy and action. It is published three times a year by the Refugee Studies Centre.