Forced Migration Review 48 on Faith and Responses to Displacement Now Online

19 November, 2014

Forced Migration Review issue 48 with a major feature on ‘Faith and responses to displacement’ is now online at

The role of faith in the humanitarian sector is not easy to measure. Faiths generally advocate welcoming the stranger, and there are many organisations (and individuals) inspired by their faith or religion to assist people in need, and many faith leaders and communities who act locally to provide protection and aid. Yet it is easier to measure the activities inspired by faith than to measure the difference that having that faith makes, and secularly inspired standards for such activities can appear to be in tension with the faith inspiration.

This issue of FMR includes 36 articles relating to the feature theme ‘Faith’, plus seven general articles – looking at the 40th anniversary of the OAU Convention, the status of refugee integration in Uganda, work and refugee integration in Sweden, Kashmiri Pandits in India, violence in Central America, and displacement in Mexico.

The issue includes an article authored by ODID DPhil student Georgia Cole (entitled ‘Refugees’ integration in Uganda will require renewed lobbying’).

Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh of University College London, who was formerly a departmental lecturer and senior research officer at ODID, was one of the special advisors to us on the issue.