Forced Migration Review 40 on 'Being Young and Out of Place' Now Online

15 August, 2012

Forced Migration Review issue 40, entitled ‘Being young and out of place’, is now online.

The 26 articles in the theme section of FMR 40 examine the stresses of ‘being young and out of place’, explore displaced young people’s needs and coping strategies, and ask why relatively little attention is paid to their rights and needs.

This issue also includes nine articles on other subjects such as national IDP policies in Afghanistan and Nigeria, protracted displacement, resettlement in Argentina, mental health in Lebanese camps – and why some issues make it onto the international agenda while others do not.

FMR 40 includes an article co-authored by Professor Roger Zetter (RSC) and Dr Katy Long (LSE, formerly RSC), entitled Unlocking Protracted Displacement