Forced Migration Review 39 on North Africa and Displacement Now Online

19 June, 2012

Forced Migration Review issue 39, entitled ‘North Africa and displacement 2011-2012’, is now available online.

As this issue goes to print, the so-called Arab Spring continues to reverberate locally, regionally and geopolitically. It started in early 2011 and spread across North Africa, with well-documented consequences far further afield in Africa and Europe. The conflict in Libya in particular confronted aid and protection actors with complex situations where people were moving for diverse reasons and facing distinct needs.

The 20 articles in this issue of FMR reflect on some of the experiences, challenges and lessons of the Arab Spring in North Africa, the implications of which resonate far wider than the region itself. This issue includes introductions by High Commissioner António Guterres and IOM Director General William Lacy Swing.

FMR 39 includes an article entitled ‘Migration and revolution’ co-authored by ODID staff members Hein de Haas and Nando Sigona.