Felipe Roa-Clavijo wins top Colombian social science prize

17 September, 2019

Recently completed DPhil Felipe Roa-Clavijo has won one of the most prestigious social science prizes in Colombia for his doctoral thesis.

The award was made by the Alejandro Angel Escobar Foundation, which has awarded prizes to recognise and support research that contributes to science and innovation in Colombia since 1964.

The foundation awards three prizes annually: in the social sciences; in mathematics and physics; and in sustainable development. Previous awardees include Columbia University’s Professor Jose Antonio Ocampo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia economist Absalon Machado, and Universidad de Los Andes anthropologist Margarita Serje.  The prizes are open to Colombian researchers.

Felipe finished his doctorate at ODID earlier in 2019 and is now Researcher and Global Policy Lead at the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI).

His thesis, supervised by Professor Laura Rival, is entitled ‘Rethinking Rural Development, Food and Agriculture in Colombia: Examination of Competing Narratives During the Agrarian Strikes and Negotiations 2013-2016’.

The judges said of his work:

‘The research proposes a new look at long-term agricultural trends and a new approach to analysing the main demands from agrarian movements. It goes beyond describing a simple phenomenon; it proposes an innovative approach that explores the future of rural development and agriculture in Colombia from the perspective of food provisioning. This is thought-provoking research for the social sciences community’.

‘Having conducted interviews with agrarian movements’ leaders who participated in the agrarian strikes, as well as a participant observation in the negotiation sessions between the agrarian movements and the delegates of the National Government during the years 2013-2016, the research contributes to a new understanding of the problem of food provisioning in Colombia”.

The prizes will be presented at an award ceremony at the National Museum in Bogota, Colombia on 16 October.

The prize comprises a silver medal, a diploma and a sum of money.

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