Emre Eren Korkmaz convenes Academics from Turkey workshop

28 November, 2018

Departmental Lecturer Emre Eren Korkmaz convened an 'Academics from Turkey' workshop this month that brought together academics and DPhil students from Turkey and which could form the starting point for a new Studies on Turkey Network at the University.

Over 60 participants from all Divisions of the University met at the workshop, and more than 20 academics gave 3-minute introductions to their research projects. Although it was a challenge to stick to the time limit, the presenters gave a series of very engaging talks in which they explained a wide range of projects, from artificial intelligence to evolutionary biology and chemistry and from politics to sociology and history.

The workshop welcomed some guest visitors as well. Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci from Regent’s University London shared his thoughts on the higher education system in the UK and the main challenges during the Brexit period. Dr Cagri Mert Bakirci, the founder and director of the Tree of Evolution, a popular science website in Turkish, explained the challenges and opportunities for popular science in Turkey. Dr Korkmaz also shared the news that a group of academics have applied to the University’s TORCH: New Network Scheme to establish a ‘Studies on Turkey Network’.

The workshop concluded with some networking time, which allowed participants to talk to each other about their research agendas.

The meeting was held at St Edmumd Hall on 23 November.