Educere Alliance to promote holistic education launches website

17 January, 2020

The Educere Alliance, a network of scholars, educators, project leaders, and policy-makers promoting holistic education and mindful pedagogy, has launched a new website at

The Educere Alliance is the fruit of an ESRC Global Challenges research fellowship held by Dr Elizabeth Rahman at ODID in 2017.

An Oxford-based network, the alliance is inspired by impact-led, interdisciplinary research and the work of activist project leaders worldwide.  It is coordinated by Dr Rahman and Professor Laura Rival, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Development at ODID.

Underlying its work is the belief that standardised education devalues practical knowledge and undermines possibilities for experiential, sensory engagements with the world.

It argues for quality, sustainable education guided by concerns for the environment and its inhabitants, and works to develop educational practices and research based on exploration, experimentation and engaged knowledge.

The alliance aims to:

  • Support a network of local communities committed to sustainable education
  • Promote cooperation between educational and research institutions, and governmental, industry and third-sector stakeholders
  • Encourage/revive a wide range of crafts through which communities can sustain senses of belonging and pride as well as livelihood
  • Apply (biosocial) research to understand how humans can support thriving ecosystems
  • Explore meaningful learning and research practices beyond disciplines
  • Reduce the gap between conceptual and intuitive knowledge.

Find out more on the alliance website.