Corneliu Bjola Discusses Use of Illegitimate Force in Interview with Global Policy

14 May, 2012

Dr Corneliu Bjola, University Lecturer in Diplomatic Studies, discusses the use of illegitimate force, the role of morality in global governance and what kind of international community we wish to build in a video "conversation" with the journal Global Policy.

Dr Bjola outlines how military interventions can secure legitimacy through globalised legal provisions, the court of public opinion and deliberative legitimacy. He also weighs up the positive and negative consequences of the increasing use of the responsibility to protect doctrine. The conversation ends with advice to early career professionals looking to engage with these issues within their own work.

Global Policy's Policy and Practitioner Conversations are a series of short videos with leading academics and practitioners in the newly emerging field of global policy. Each video is between 5-10 minutes long, and discusses a key global policy issue area.