Celebrating 20 years of the MPhil in Development Studies

01 June, 2017

We are very much looking forward to welcoming alumni and students, current and former staff to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our MPhil in Develpoment Studies tomorrow.

For two decades, the MPhil has provided a rigorous and critical introduction to development as a process of managed and unmanaged change in societies in the global South. We have interrogated when and how ‘development’ was invented, why the tides of theory and policy ebb and flow as they do, what gives rise to resistance and by whom, where the global economy is headed, and where we might stand in these processes.

Over 400 students have studied on the course, participating in these debates and going on to stellar careers in development research, policy and practice – and well beyond that – all over the globe.

To celebrate the course’s intellectual success and the accomplishments of alumni, we are holding a one-day event on Friday 2 June 2017 that will bring former classmates together with current students to discuss changes in the ideas of development in the last 20 years – as well as to catch up and socialise. 

Find out more about the event.

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