Call for Papers for RSC 30th Anniversary Conference

18 January, 2012

The Refugee Studies Centre’s 30th Anniversary Conference will take place on December 6-7 2012, focusing on the theme ‘Understanding Global Refugee Policy’. This conference aims to examine and theorise the policy-making processes relating to refugees and forced migration at the global level. Critical reflection upon the processes through which global public policy on refugees, internally displaced persons, statelessness, human trafficking, and other areas of forced migration is made is intended to offer new and valuable insights for scholars, policy makers and practitioners.

The conference invites contributions that explore any aspect of the policy-making process: emergence, negotiation, development, implementation, and outcomes, examining global policy at the multilateral, regional, bilateral, or transnational levels. It invites reflections from politics, law, history, anthropology, and sociology, and seeks to involve contributors with case specific studies in addition to those with a broad focus on regional, bilateral, international and global policy-making processes.

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