#Luetzibleibt: Linking Climate Protest With Climate Debt

Brutal scenes have been unfolding in Germany over the past week. The energy company RWE is expanding the lignite coal mine Garzweiler II following an agreement with the German Green party. An extraordinary amount of police violence, but also organised resistance is marking the struggle.

In this event, we want to discuss the activists’ demand #Luetzibleibt (engl. Lützerath remains!) in the broader context of international climate struggles and their increased focus on Kapitalkritik. After a brief introduction to the case of Lützerath by the organising students, Dr Khafagy will shed light on the recent reemergence of the concept of climate debt and tie it to the systemic economic issues faced by countries in the Global South.

About the speaker

Development Economist Dr Amr Khafagy will speak about his latest paper The Concrete Function of the Banking System: Samir Amin's Monetary Theory of Financial Underdevelopment (2023) and will connect it to demands regarding Climate Debt.

Organised by

Josefina Lehnen, Jan Hendricks, Laura Maghețiu, Pao Engelbrecht (Students of the MPhil in Development Studies and MPhil International Relations)

25 Jan
  • Dr Amr Khafagy
ODID Special Events
Seminar Room 2, ODID, 3 Mansfield Road OX1 3TB