Staff training and resources are available to improve knowledge and skills for delivering inclusive teaching and developing inclusive teams.

An overview is available here:

Course ​




Introduction to inclusive teaching

3-4 hr

Recognise and minimise the barriers that hinder students' learning and participation

Teaching staff

Inclusive leadership

1 hr

Knowledge and tools to create an inclusive culture in the team, where everyone feels that they can be themselves and their contribution is valued

​Leaders or managers

Challenging behaviour: dealing with harassment and bullying

​1 hr

Learn how to recognise and respond to inappropriate and bullying behaviour

​All staff

Tackling race bias at work

​40 mins

Confidence and skills to discuss racism in the workplace openly and how to make changes to prevent race bias

​All staff

Equality and diversity briefing

​1 hr

Understanding of your rights and responsibilities and guidelines for embedding equality and diversity in your work

​All staff

Details of all POD workshops, courses and programmes are available here.