European Commission

Trade in Environmentally Sound Technologies: Implications for Developing Countries

With this project, Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD), UN Environment and Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) aim to build global understanding on implications, capacity needs and enabling conditions for trade liberalization in environmentally sound technologies and thereby contribute towards sustainable, environmentally credible and inclusive value chain integration and trade in technologies, by providing support to developing countries to objectively assess and understand the opportunities, benefits and challenges of liberalized trade in environmentally sound technologies.

A key component of this project is a global study, which will outline the history, context and status quo of international and regional negotiations on trade in environmentally sound technologies, explain the modalities of trade liberalization and implementation, and define key related concepts. On the basis of this conceptual foundation, the analysis will zoom in on developing country participation in trade in selected environmentally sound technologies, identify opportunities and key challenges, and highlight potential capacity needs. Building on this, it will provide recommendations for harnessing opportunities and addressing risks.