Redesigning agrifood systems

Agriculture and food policies have always been at the heart of human development concerns. Building on my long experience in researching Amazonian agri-food systems, this programme examines related implications of climate change and sustainability challenges for the organisation of agriculture and trade in agricultural products between regions of the global North and South.

Several of the projects I am currently involved in look at the use of agroecological thinking and practice to support resource-constrained farmers in various Latin American locations where climate change is worsening a situation already rendered difficult by increasing soil erosion and adverse government policies.

In response to the fact that: (i) profit-driven agriculture is currently responsible for 20 percent of greenhouse emissions; and that (ii) 30 percent of foods produced as commodities end up as waste, I also work on a number of projects that focus on food chains (as they are variously modelled in the literature on commodity, supply and value chains) from both a consumer and a small and medium-size producer perspective.

Laura Rival
Professor of Anthropology of Development