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Landau, Loren (with Iriann Freemantle) (2022) 'Migration and the African Timespace Trap: More Europe for the World, Less World for Europe', Geopolitics 27 (3): 791-810
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Jordan Chamberlin, Carol Newman) (2022) 'Site-specific agronomic information and technology adoption: A field experiment from Ethiopia', Journal of Development Economics 156: 102788
Vargas-Silva, Carlos (with D Turcatti) (2022) '"I Returned to Being an Immigrant”: Onward Latin American Migrants and Brexit', Ethnic and Racial Studies 45: 287-307
Chatterjee, Mihika (with Ikuno Naka) (2022) 'Twenty years of BRICS: political and economic transformations through the lens of land', Oxford Development Studies 50 (1): 2-13
Dirksen, Jakob (with K Lima de Miranda, R Wike) (2022) 'Towards Economic and Social Prosperity Measurement Beyond GDP', Think7 Policy Brief G7 Germany
Dirksen, Jakob (with M Pinilla-Roncancio, FC Wehrmeister et al) (2022) 'Exploring the Potential for a New Measure of Socioeconomic Deprivation Status to Monitor Health Inequality', International Journal for Equity in Health 21 (56):
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Kate Tiedeman, Jordan Chamberlin, Frédéric Kosmowski, Tesfaye Sida, Robert J Hijmans ) (2022) 'Field Data Collection Methods Strongly Affect Satellite-Based Crop Yield Estimation', Remote Sensing 14 (9): 1995
Brankamp, Hanno (with Zoltán Glück) (2022) 'Camps and counterterrorism: Security and the remaking of refuge in Kenya ', Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
Bjola, Corneliu (with Ilan Manor) (2022) 'The rise of hybrid diplomacy: from digital adaptation to digital adoption', International Affairs 98 (2): 471–91
Hillesland, Marya (with H Swaminathan, C Grown) (2022) 'Women's Land Ownership and Household Income Diversification Patterns in Malawi', Journal of African Development 23 (1): 58-86
Hillesland, Marya (with S Kaaria, E Mane, M Alemu, V Slavchevska) (2022) 'Does a joint United Nations microfinance ‘plus’ program empower female farmers in rural Ethiopia? Evidence using the pro-WEAI', World Development 156: 105909
Jackman, David (with Mathilde Maitrot) (2022) 'The Party-Police Nexus in Bangladesh', Journal of Development Studies
Doss, Cheryl (with Nozomi Kawarazuka, Cathy Rozel Farnworth, Rhiannon Pyburn) (2022) 'Myths about the feminization of agriculture: Implications for global food security', Global Food Security 33: 100611