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Landau, Loren (with Iriann Freemantle) (2022) 'Migration and the African Timespace Trap: More Europe for the World, Less World for Europe', Geopolitics 27 (3): 791-810
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Jordan Chamberlin, Carol Newman) (2022) 'Site-specific agronomic information and technology adoption: A field experiment from Ethiopia', Journal of Development Economics 156: 102788
Alkire, Sabina (with Frank Vollmer) (2022) 'Consolidating and improving the assets indicator in the global Multidimensional Poverty Index', World Development
Rosenberg-Jansen, Sarah (2022) 'The emerging world of humanitarian energy: A conceptual research review', Energy Research & Social Science 92:
Fu, Xiaolan (with J Li, A Van Assche, Lee Li and G Qian) (2022) 'The Belt and Road Initiative and international business policy: A kaleidoscopic perspective', Journal of International Business Policy
Fu, Xiaolan (with P Ghauri and A Minayora) (2022) 'Digital technology-based entrepreneurial pursuit of the marginalised communities', Journal of International Management
Fu, Xiaolan (with M Q Fu, P Ghauri and J Hou) (2022) ' International collaboration and innovation: from a leading Chinese multinational enterprise', Journal of World Business 57 (4):
Fu, Xiaolan (with S Zeng, A Tanveer, Y Gu, M Irfan) (2022) 'Modeling the influence of critical factors on the adoption of green energy technologies', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 168:
Briddick, Catherine (2022) 'Unprincipled and unrealised: CEDAW and discrimination experienced in the context of migration control ', International Journal of Discrimination and the Law
James, Myfanwy (with Shelley Susan Lees) (2022) '“Are You Sure It’s Not the Corona Vaccine?” An Ebola Vaccine Trial During COVID-19 in DRC', Medical Anthropology
Bolt, Maxim (2022) 'Circulation and its forms', In James G Carrier (ed) A Handbook of Economic Anthropology , Edward Elgar
Pikovskaia, Kristina (2022) 'Informal Sector Organisations, Political Subjectivity and Citizenship in Zimbabwe', Journal of Southern African Studies 48( 1): 23-41
Wetzel, Johanna (with Marcia C Schenck) (2022) 'Liebe in Zeiten der Vertragsarbeit. Rassismus, Wissen und binationale Beziehungen in der DDR und Ostdeutschland', PERIPHERIE – Politik • Ökonomie • Kultur 165+166: 31-55
Gledhill, John (with Allard Duursma and Christopher Shay) (2022) 'Glee and Grievance: Emotive Events and Campaign Size in Nonviolent Resistance', Journal of Global Security Studies 7 (4):