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Fu, Xiaolan (with E Avenyo, P Ghauri) (2021) 'Digital platforms and development: a survey of the literature', Innovation and Development
Sharma, Amogh (2021) 'Ordinary Conspiracy Theories and Everyday Communalism: Right-Wing Propaganda on the Indian Cyberspace', In Indrajit Roy (ed) Passionate Politics: Democracy, Development and India's 2019 General Elections , Manchester University Press
Bano, Masooda (ed) (2021) Salafi Social and Political Movements: National and Transnational Contexts, Edinburgh University Press
Bolt, Maxim (2021) 'Fluctuating formality: homeownership, inheritance, and the official economy in urban South Africa', Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute
Woodruff, Christopher (with Andreas Menzel) (2021) 'Gender wage gaps and worker mobility: Evidence from the garment sector in Bangladesh', Labour Economics 71: 102000
Doss, Cheryl (with Jessica Heckert, Audrey Pereira, Emily C Myers and Agnes Quisumbing) (2021) 'Structural Transformation and Gendered Transitions to Adulthood among Rural Youth: Cross-National Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries', Journal of Development Studies 57 (4): 614-34
Bhatia, Jai (2021) 'Unpacking Indian International Development Financing: EXIM-LoCs and beyond', IUKDPF Analysis Paper
Bhatia, Jai (2021) 'Understanding Indian Development Finance: The Data Complexities of EXIM Bank’s Lines of Credit', IUKDPF Analysis paper
Bhatia, Jai (2021) 'Visual Tour of EXIM Bank’s Lines of Credit', IUKDPF Analysis Paper
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Kibrom A. Abay, Woinishet Asnake, Jordan Chamberlin, James Sumberg) (2021) 'Landscapes of opportunity: patterns of young people’s engagement with the rural economy in sub-Saharan Africa', The Journal of Development Studies 57(4): 594-613
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Frederic Kosmowski, Jordan Chamberlin, Tesfaye Sida, Kibrom Abay, Peter Craufurd) (2021) 'How accurate are yield estimates from crop cuts? Evidence from smallholder maize farms in Ethiopia', Food Policy 102: 102122
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Tesfaye Shiferaw Sida, Jordan Chamberlin, Frederic Kosmowski, Peter Craufurd) (2021) 'Implications of intra-plot heterogeneity for yield estimation accuracy: Evidence from smallholder maize systems in Ethiopia', Field crops research 108147
Korkmaz, Emre Eren (with Siyah Kitap, Erdinç Sezgin) (eds) (2021) Kuantumdan Genetiğe Genç Bilimcilerimiz Anlatıyor,
James, Myfanwy (with Marc Le Pape) (2021) Qui chantera la chanson de MSF? Politique de la « proximité » et pratique de l'humanitaire dans l'Est de la RDC, In Marc Le Pape (ed) Violences Extrêmes: Enquêter, Secourir, Juger Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris 179-199
Korkmaz, Emre Eren (2021) 'Faces of Republican Turkey: Beyond the Modernization Hypothesis', İstanbul University Press
Bjola, Corneliu (2021) 'AI for Development: Implications for Theory and Practice', Oxford Development Studies