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Brankamp, Hanno (2021) 'Paul Higate and Mats Utas (editors), Private Security in Africa: from the global assemblage to the everyday. London: Zed Books', Africa: Journal of the International African Institute 89 (4): 765-767
Brankamp, Hanno (2021) '‘Madmen, Womanisers, and Thieves’: Moral Disorder and the cultural text of refugee encampment in Kenya', AFRICA: Journal of the International African Institute 91 (1): 153-176
Meki, Muhammad (with Kate Roll, Simon Quinn) (2021) 'Mutuality and the Potential of Microequity', In Colin Mayer, Bruno Roche (eds) Putting Purpose Into Practice: The Economics of Mutuality , Oxford University Press
Omata, Naohiko (2021) '"Over-researched" and "Under-researched" refugee groups: Exploring the phenomena, causes and consequences', Journal of Human Rights Practice 12 (3) : 681-95
Ritholtz, Samuel (2021) 'Queer kinship and the rights of refugee families', Migration Studies
Buxton, Rebecca (2021) 'Queer kinship and the rights of refugee families', Migration Studies
Jackman, David (with Mathilde Maîtrot) (2021) 'Allies among Enemies: Political authority and party (dis)loyalty in Bangladesh', Modern Asian Studies
Lessa, Francesca (2021) 'Remnants of Truth: The Role of Archives in Human Rights Trials for Operation Condor', Latin American Research Review 56 (1): 183-99
Zizzamia, Rocco (with Ihsaan Bassier, Joshua Budlender, Murray Leibbrandt, Vimal Ranchhod) (2021) 'Locked down and locked out: Repurposing social assistance as emergency relief to informal workers', World Development 139:
Ritholtz, Samuel (2021) 'Gendered Violence, Moral Order, & Social Control during Colombia’s Paramilitary Incursion', Conflict & Change Workshop, University College London, and International Studies Association Conference
Sterck, Olivier (with C MacPherson) (2021) 'Empowering Refugees through Cash and Agriculture: A Regression Discontinuity Design', Journal of Development Economics
Sud, Nikita (2021) The Making of Land and The Making of India, New Delhi: Oxford University Press
Kapoor, Taanya (with Ravinder Kaur) (2021) 'The Gendered Biopolitics of Sex Selection in India', Asian Bioethics Review 13 (1): 111-127
Gollin, Douglas (2021) 'Heterogeneity, Measurement Error, and Misallocation: Evidence from African Agriculture', Journal of Political Economy 129 (1): 1-80
Terrefe, Biruk (with Tom Lavers, Fana Gebresenbet) (2021) 'Powering development: the political economy of electricity generation in the EPRDF’s Ethiopia', FutureDAMS Working Paper 014
Buitron , Natalia (2021) 'Games for Development: Competition, Solidarity and Entrepreneurship in an Amazonian Society', Workshop on ‘What Competition Is, What Competition Does: Ethnographies of Competition and Its Afterlives’, LSE, 4-8 January
Hronešová, Jessie (2020) ''Ethnopopulist Denial and Crime Relativisation in Bosnian Republika Srpska'', East European Politics