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Gledhill, John (with R Dolan, Jeremy Snyder) (2019) 'Availability without Access? Globalization and Socio-Political Cleavages in Emerging Economies', Globalizations 16 (1): 83-103
Dolan, Richard (with J Gledhill, Jeremy Snyder) (2019) 'Availability without Access? Globalization and Socio-Political Cleavages in Emerging Economies', Globalizations 16 (1): 83-103
Bjola, Corneliu (2019) 'Propaganda as reflexive control: the digital dimension', In Corneliu Bjola, James Pamment (eds) Countering Online Propaganda and Extremism: The Dark Side of Digital Diplomacy , Routledge
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Bjola, Corneliu (with Jennifer Cassidy and Ilan Manor) (2019) 'Public Diplomacy in the Digital Age', The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 14 (1):
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Briddick, Catherine (2019) 'Precarious Workers and Probationary Wives: How Immigration Law Discriminates Against Women', Journal of Social and Legal Studies
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Pailey, Robtel Neajai (2019) 'How Africa Can Adopt a Pan-African Migration and Development Agenda', The Africa Policy Journal
Pailey, Robtel Neajai (2019) 'Jaadeh! [anti-corruption children's sequel]', New York, New York: One Moore Book
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