ODS publishes articles grounded in one or more regions of the world as well as comparative studies. Our intellectual approach is open to work that is interdisciplinary or rooted in a single discipline, such as politics, anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, or history; however, we are committed to the idea that the journal should be relevant and accessible to a readership drawn from across the social sciences. The journal provides an outlet for contributions to development theory and for original empirical analyses, both quantitative and qualitative, as well as mixed methods.

In view of asymmetries in knowledge production and circulation in development studies, the journal seeks to include high-quality research from the perspective of those traditionally marginalised in academic publications. In particular, we aim to expand the range of articles by authors from the Global South.

It is published by Taylor and Francis and edited at ODID.

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Professor Jo Beall (LSE) 

Dr Gaston Yalonetzky (Leeds University)

Editorial Board

The Editorial Assistant is Dr Grainne Lucey

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