Macroeconomic dynamics in low-income countries

This is a programme of work initiated under the IMF-DFID Research Programme on Low-Income Countries and coordinated by the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC. 

Professor Adam is currently working on a number of projects on the macroeconomics of low-income countries including: (i) public investment and public finance; (ii) labour market structures and macroeconomic dynamics; (iii) the monetary transmission mechanism in low-income countries; and (iv) the economics of central banking in Africa.

Christopher Adam
Professor of Development Economics
Andrew Berg
International Monetary Fund
Rafael Portillo
International Monetary Fund
Filiz Unsal
International Monetary Fund
Grace Bin Li
International Monetary Fund
Peter Montiel
Williams College
Stephen O'Connell
Swarthmore College
David Bevan
University of Oxford (emeritus)