Development in the time of coronavirus

This page brings together commentary from our academics, students and alumni offering a development perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. 

31 Mar, 2020
'"Unprecedented" pandemic and the crisis of mobility in India'. DPhil Vyoma Dhar Sharma writes for the COMPAS blog
26 Mar, 2020
'From cholera to corona: The politics of plagues in Africa'. Prof Simukai Chigudu discusses the lessons for coronavirus response that we can learn from the 2008 cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe
25 Mar, 2020
‘They have been left completely in limbo’. Nikita Sud interviewed by TRT World on the impact of India's coronavirus lockdown on the country's informal workers
25 Mar, 2020
'Oxford scholar sees COVID-19 pandemic as "wake-up call for collaboration"'. Xiaolan Fu spoke to Zinhua News about the need for global corporation to address the pandemic
20 Mar, 2020
‘"Take me home": The coronavirus virus and panic mobility'. Robin Cohen writes about how humans can act as unwitting bearers of lethal viruses by moving rapidly away from known sites of infection
20 Mar, 2020
'Italy’s fight against Covid-19 depends on continued solidarity'. ODID Alumna Dr Luisa Enria wrote for Open Democracy on the importance of maintaining solidarity in fighting the coronavirus pandemic in Italy
17 Mar, 2020
'Will people do as they are told?'. ODID alumna Dr Kate Orkin explores the behavioural science behind people's compliance with non-compulsory measures
03 Mar, 2020
'The division of global value chains has been changing'. Xiaolan Fu interviewed by Xinhua Net on the likely impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the Chinese economy