Development in the time of coronavirus

This page brings together commentary from our academics, students and alumni offering a development perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. 

04 May, 2020
'COVID-19 and the future of microfinance: Evidence and insights from Pakistan'. New article co-authored by Muhammad Meki examines the impact of the pandemic on local microfinance institutions in Pakistan, offering insights for policy reform
01 May, 2020
'Buyer responsibility and the growing crisis in Bangladesh'. Chris Woodruff looks at the impact of COVID-19 on the Bangladesh garment industry and suggests decisions by foreign buyers on whether to honour commitments to previously agreed orders will play a crucial role
28 Apr, 2020
'Why refugees are an asset in the fight against coronavirus'. Alexander Betts, Evan Easton-Calabria and Kate Pincock write for the Conversation on the how the work of refugee-led organisations is now more relevant than ever to respond to the consequences of COVID-19
28 Apr, 2020
'Coercion or the social contract? COVID-19 and spatial (in)justice in African cities'. In this co-authored open-access article, Loren Landau argues that the disease and the policy interventions intended to address the novel virus will inadvertently erode what resilience the urban poor have built to survive
28 Apr, 2020
'Global health security and pandemics: Africa and COVID-19'. In an online video panel, Dr Simukai Chigudu and Prof Sophie Harman discuss how Africa is not a blank canvas in which the pandemic will play out in a uniform fashion
23 Apr, 2020
'Is mobility a solution to domestic and family violence?'. MSc student Vidya Ramachandran looks at mobility and immobility's impact on victims of domestic violence in light of COVID19 lockdowns
22 Apr, 2020
'Distress deepens in Indian villages, worsening economic pain'. Professor Nikita Sud speaks to Bloomberg about rural unemployment in India in light of migrants' return to their villages
21 Apr, 2020
'Shelter from the Middle East’s perfect storm'. Dr Adeel Malik writes for Project Syndicate on the critical necessity of a new cooperative regional order in the Middle East
17 Apr, 2020
'Mobile immobility: Circular migrants in India during the pandemic'. Former ODID DPhil Indrajit Roy explains how exclusion of migrant workers in India is endemic, and how the lockdown has rendered their situation even more precarious
17 Apr, 2020
'Nearly 60 million of India’s poor most vulnerable'. Sabina Alkire and Christian Oldiges spoke to Hindustan Times about the high risk of the pandemic to India's most poor