Development in the time of coronavirus

This page brings together commentary from our academics, students and alumni offering a development perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. 

22 May, 2020
'Global value chains, innovation and international trade'. Xiaolan Fu discusses the short-term disruptions and likely long-term transformations caused by COVID-19 in a podcast for the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum
20 May, 2020
'Many refugees living in Nairobi struggle to survive because of COVID-19'. Naohiko Omatta writes for the Conversation on the ways in which the pandemic are disrupting refugees' ability to support themselves
18 May, 2020
'Coming of age in the time of coronavirus: young lives and families in low- and middle-income countries'. Gina Crivello draws on the findings of Young Lives' Young Marriage and Parenthood study and the implications of COVID-19
18 May, 2020
'Pandemic Narratives and the Historian'. Simukai Chigudu took part in an interview with leading historians of public health, epidemics, and disaster science about history and COVID-19 for the LA review of books
12 May, 2020
COVID-19 in the Palestinian refugee camps. Anne Irfan writes on Palestinian refugee communities' particular vulnerabilities to Covid-19 as a result of 72 years of displacement and overlapping crises and rights violations
11 May, 2020
'The biopolitics of pandemic citizenship'.. New article by DPhil Adil Hossain analyses the emergence of a new citizenship regime in India that dehumanises Indian Muslims, especially within the government's Covid-19 rhetoric
05 May, 2020
'Ghost towns and crackdowns: The politics of urban Covid-19 control'. David Jackman and Tom Goodfellow explore the range of strategies for urban control used by political elites in response to COVID-19, from violent coercion and overt violence to ‘generative’ interventions that aim to consolidate support
04 May, 2020
'Cash-based food assistance for refugees: lessons for the COVID-19 response'. Cory Rodgers, Alexander Betts, Olivier Sterck, Jade Siu and Maria Stierna of the RSC discuss cash-based food assistance for refugees, and the unintended consequence of debt accumulation
04 May, 2020
'COVID-19 and the future of microfinance: Evidence and insights from Pakistan'. New article co-authored by Muhammad Meki examines the impact of the pandemic on local microfinance institutions in Pakistan, offering insights for policy reform
01 May, 2020
'Buyer responsibility and the growing crisis in Bangladesh'. Chris Woodruff looks at the impact of COVID-19 on the Bangladesh garment industry and suggests decisions by foreign buyers on whether to honour commitments to previously agreed orders will play a crucial role