Development in the time of coronavirus

This page brings together commentary from our academics, students and alumni offering a development perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. 

24 Jun, 2020
'LGBTQ+ people left out by exclusionary COVID-19 aid practices'. ODID DPhil Sam Ritholtz reports for the New Humanitarian on how aid relief efforts can still produce exclusionary results, even if they don’t explicitly exclude sexual and gender minorities
19 Jun, 2020
'Hitting the Brakes: Rise in COVID-19 cases in India forces more lockdowns'. Nikita Sud is interviewed by TRT World on the economic implications of Covid for India as it goes in and out of cycles of lockdown.
19 Jun, 2020
'Making home on the move'. DPhil Shivangi Kaushik writes about 'fictive kinships' and why some internal migrants in India might have elected not to return 'home' during the pandemic
19 Jun, 2020
'Lives or livelihoods? Global estimates of the mortality and poverty costs of COVID-19'. In a blog for the World Bank, Olivier Sterck and colleagues set out a way in which the health and economic costs of the pandemic can be expressed through a common unit
19 Jun, 2020
'A Time Capsule for Future Social Science Researchers: Loren B Landau'. In an interview with the Social Science Research Council, Loren Landau says COVID-19 offers oppressive states new powers to manage, exploit or sacrifice certain populations
04 Jun, 2020
'Fare City insight series: Addis Ababa'. In a podcast for the Fare City think tank, DPhil Biruk Terrefe discusses how Addis Ababa is responding to COVID-19
04 Jun, 2020
'The two faces of income inequality: who’ll be hardest hit by the pandemic?'. Diego Sánchez-Ancochea writes for UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab about inequality in the pandemic, emphasising that the elite may end up being beneficiaries of this inequality.
02 Jun, 2020
'History tells us coronavirus pandemic could lead to global reduction in poverty, Oxford academic says'. Sabina Alkire interviewed by the Independent
30 May, 2020
'How Colonialism and Austerity Are Shaping Africa’s Response to the Coronavirus'. Simukai Chigudu is interviewed by Jacobin magazine
25 May, 2020
'Labour market effects of COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa: An informality lens from Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal'. Elvis Avenyo and colleagues present survey evidence on labour market effects of pandemic in Senegal, Mali, and Burkina Faso in new working paper for UNU MERIT