Development in the time of coronavirus

This page brings together commentary from our academics, students and alumni offering a development perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. 

22 Sep, 2020
'Coronavirus India Update'. Nikita Sud spoke to BBC Hindi about India's informal economy under COVID, where the shock of the pandemic and lockdown has been felt most acutely.
16 Sep, 2020
'India overtakes Brazil to record second-biggest caseload'. Nikita Sud was interviewed by TRT World about India's twin economic and health crisis
17 Aug, 2020
'Employee surveillance tools emerge as a serious side effect of COVID-19'. Ivan Manokha is interviewed by CTECH about the implications of increased worker tracking due to home working
24 Jul, 2020
'COVID-19: an existential threat for Indigenous peoples of the Amazon'. Our DPhil Theodor Borrmann writes for PreventionWeb about the devastating impact of the pandemic in the Amazon basin, where it has amplified structural problems and is threatening to destroy whole peoples and communities.
22 Jul, 2020
'Covid-19 has throttled South Africa’s economy'. The Economist highlights research co-authored by DPhil Rocco Zizzamia on the impact of the pandemic on employment and poverty in South Africa
20 Jul, 2020
'COVID-19, Lockdowns, and Africa’s Informal Sector: Lessons from Ghana'. Elvis Avenyo and colleagues explore how the lockdown might affect the performance of informal enterprises in two urban areas of Ghana in a new UNU Merit Working Paper
19 Jul, 2020
'Coronavirus could reverse a decade of progress in reducing global poverty levels, UN study suggests'. The Independent writes about the 2020 global MPI from OPHI and the UNDP and COVID-19
15 Jul, 2020
'"‘Distress grant" misses the mark'. Business Live features research by DPhil Rocco Zizzamia and others on the impact of Covid-19 response in South Africa
08 Jul, 2020
'Microfinance and Covid-19 in Pakistan: What happens after lockdown?'. Dr Muhammad Meki discusses the impact of Covid-19 on Pakistan's microfinance sector in this webinar for FinDev Gateway
24 Jun, 2020
'LGBTQ+ people left out by exclusionary COVID-19 aid practices'. ODID DPhil Sam Ritholtz reports for the New Humanitarian on how aid relief efforts can still produce exclusionary results, even if they don’t explicitly exclude sexual and gender minorities