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    About Us

    ODID is the focus at Oxford for postgraduate teaching and advanced research on developing countries and emerging economies, and on their relationship with the rest of the world.

    About Us

    ODID comprises a core of some 25 academic staff engaged in teaching and research, together with 50 research staff in four research groups that are at the forefront of their fields: the Refugee Studies Centre, Young Lives, the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative and the Technology and Management Centre for Development.

    ODID and the Department of Economics also lead, with the LSE, the large International Growth Centre established by DfID. These centres have support from key research partner institutions in developing countries, and engage in extensive policy advisory work for governments, international agencies and civil society organisations.

    We teach around 260 postgraduate students on doctoral and master's programmes. These programmes are research-led, and combine rigorous research methods training with applied thesis work which prepares students for both academic and policy careers. We are also home to a considerable number of post-doctoral fellows and academic visitors from a wide range of developing countries.

    We are part of the University's Social Sciences Division.

    Our Approach

    We draw on our unique strengths – the exceptional range and depth of our disciplinary and regional expertise and our connections to networks across the global South – to generate academically rigorous research into the underlying structures and overarching processes of development. We draw on this deep scholarship to forge new ways of thinking about development that can help improve the lives of ordinary people, whether by informing policy at the highest level or by changing practice on the ground.

    Our Values: Equality, Diversity, Academic Freedom

    Equality and diversity at ODID

    At ODID, we are passionately and uncompromisingly committed to equality and diversity, in both law and spirit. We embrace and value the contribution of every member of the department. The diversity of our global community of students and staff is one of our greatest assets. We consider inclusion to be the essential foundation of our pursuit of knowledge of international development. In achieving excellence in education and the highest academic standards, our core values are equality of opportunity and non-discrimination, which we expect all members of the department to uphold in all our activities. 

    Intellectual freedom and freedom of speech and expression 

    Intellectual freedom is the lifeblood of an academic institution. In our pursuit and dissemination of knowledge at ODID, we promote open and critical enquiry and exchange of ideas, and uphold freedom of speech and expression. We celebrate debate and discussion in an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and recognition of the sensitivities of all members of our community, ensuring that no one feels either intimidated or censored. 

    The Head of Department is Professor Diego Sánchez-Ancochea