Professor Yexin Zhou

Visiting Fellow

Yexin Zhou was awarded his doctorate in Economics from Peking University and currently holds the position of associate professor and tutor in the School of Economics and Resource Management at Beijing Normal University, as well as vice dean of the China Institute of Innovation and Development. He conducts research on behavioural and experimental economics, development economics, and applied microeconometrics. He directs the Research Center of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (RCBEE) and leads a series of field experiments.

Yexin Zhou is the principal investigator for projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation and the National Science Foundation in China. His papers have been published in the European Economic Review, Economic Research Journal, Management World, among others.

At ODID he will be working on Multidimensional Poverty Index of China, using updated measurement and national random sample, multidimensional poverty and multifaceted development of children in rural China. Yexin's current research is focused on the development of preferences during childhood under parental absence.

Research interests:

Behavioural and experimental economics; development economics; applied microeconometrics; economic history