Sophie Scharlin-Pettee

MPI Data Analyst and Supervisor, OPHI

Sophie is an MPI Data Analyst and Supervisor at OPHI, where she has worked since April 2018. She recently received an MSc (Distinction) in Sociology from the University of Oxford, and she now works on the Changes over Time project, harmonising earlier data to the 2018 global MPI specifications. Previously, she contributed to the data preparation, computation, analysis, and report publication for the global MPI revision in 2018.

Sophie’s research explores the dynamic gender inequalities in the Former Soviet Union. Before OPHI, she supported ESRC-funded research investigating dual career couples’ life course outcomes from a time-use, longitudinal, and cross-national perspective; she also interned at the Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights, where she delivered a background paper on the political economies of peace-building, among other research activities.

Research interests: