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Robert completed his BA (Hons) in International Relations and Indonesian at the University of Tasmania, and recently graduated from the MPhil in Development Studies at ODID.

He is a 2014 Rhodes Scholar (Australia at Large & St John’s), and a Junior Dean at St Antony’s College.

Development outcomes in hybrid regimes

Journal articles and special issues

Hortle, Robert (with Richard Eccleston) (2016) 'The Australian mining tax debate: political legacies and comparative perspectives', Australian Journal of Political Science 51 102-9


Hortle, Robert (with Richard Eccleston, Rick Krever) (forthcoming) 'Introduction: the evolution of intergovernmental financial relations in the 21st century'. In R Eccleston, R Krever (eds) The Future of Federalism: The Evolution of Intergovernmental Financial Relations in the 21st Century , Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
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