Ms Rhiannon Moore

Education Research Officer, Young Lives

Rhiannon joined the Young Lives Education Team as a  researcher in 2015. She is working on the Young Lives Secondary School Survey, focusing specifically on the design and development of the survey in India.  

Prior to joining Young Lives, Rhiannon worked at The Open University on two large-scale teacher education projects working across low and middle-income countries. She has an undergraduate degree from London School of Economics and an MSc in Development Studies from SOAS. Rhiannon’s main research interests relate to the attitudes, classroom practices and motivation of teachers in low and middle-income countries, as well as the role which new technologies have to play in education in developing contexts.

29 August, 2017
Young Lives to launch 2016-17 school survey findings
10 July, 2017
New article by Padmini Iyer and Rhiannon Moore examines how Young Lives conceptualise, measure learning quality
Research interests:

Education; teacher education; school effectiveness; English language learning; teacher motivation; educational technologies