Mr Marc Howard

Research Student

Last year I studied for the MSc in African studies which I enjoyed immensely. I am fascinated by African history from the late colonial through to the end of the Cold War, and in the exciting trend in interdisciplinary postcolonial work.

My research interest is the security sector in Zimbabwe after 1979; particularly the histories and trajectories of black veterans of the colonial era within the new, amalgamated army and their importance to the fledgling security institutions of the new state. This research intends to challenge the predominantly received, reductionist historiography concerning these veterans and enhance our understanding of state-making, identity and integration in Zimbabwe.

My wider academic interests include the involvement of development theory and practice in conflict resolution and peacemaking, DDR, the politics of the security sphere and, lastly, SSR, with a focus upon Zimbabwe and southern Africa.

Lingering legacy: the experiences of black Rhodesian veterans in the Zimbabwe National Army
28 June, 2017
Nine academics and students to present at ECAS7 in Basel
Research interests:

Zimbabwe; security sector reform, SSR; disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, DDR; Southern Africa; Zimbabwe National Army