Dr Kate Pincock

Research Officer, 'The Global Governed', RSC

Kate is a Research Officer on the Global Governed research project (part of the broader Humanitarian Innovation Project at the RSC), which looks at refugee-led social protection initiatives from an anthropological perspective.

Kate completed a PhD in International Development at the University of Bath in 2016. Her research interests include theories of agency and empowerment, young people’s sexual and reproductive rights, and the construction of ‘girlhood’ through development narratives. Her doctoral research in Tanzania highlighted tensions within discursive framings of teenage sexuality in development policy and explored their implications for praxis.

Kate is particularly interested in exploring how humanitarian organizations can negotiate the political challenges of engaging with marginalized people in ways that identify and challenge structural drivers of injustice. As part of the Global Governed project she is undertaking ethnographic fieldwork in Uganda and Kenya.

In the media
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09 January, 2018
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21 Jan, 2018
'Punishment won't stop teenage pregnancies in Tanzania because "bad behaviour" isn't the cause'. Kate Pincock writes for The Conversation
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