Ms Julie Dayot

Research Student

I studied Economics at the Ecole Normale Superieure (France) from 2010. As I completed my studies, and after a one-year break during which I travelled to South America, my interests shifted towards development topics, marginalised in economics, and notably the dilemmas between economic development and ecological and cultural conservation. This led me to study for an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) in Development Studies at the University of Oxford, from an interdisciplinary perspective.

In my thesis, I analysed the perceptions and responses of indigenous communities to a dilemma between socio-economic development (schools, health centres, etc.) and the preservation of their ecological and cultural ‘difference’ (in Escobar’s words), both accompanying oil extraction projects in their territories, in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I am currently working on the same topic for my DPhil.

Valuation struggles in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Research interests:

Indigenous people and indigenous rights; resource extraction in Latin America; incommensurability of values; multi-criteria analysis.