Prof Jo Boyden

Professor of International Development and Director, Young Lives

Jo Boyden has been an authority on child development and children's rights since the mid-1980s. Over that time, she has worked on various aspects of research and policy with children, particularly child labour, education, children in conflict (especially working with the Refugee Studies Centre), as well as publishing on childhood resilience in the context of adversity, poverty, and socio-cultural development.

Her recent research has maintained a broad multidisciplinary range alongside a focus on issues of childhood poverty. As Director of Young Lives since 2005, Jo leads a five-country, multidisciplinary team, providing strategic vision, guidance on research and analysis, and using her extensive networks among policymakers and practitioners and across key academic disciplines like education, psychology, sociology, anthropology and international development, to increase the project's outreach and influence

Jo has worked in a wide range of countries, including: Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Peru (where she carried out her doctoral research), Somaliland and Sri Lanka. She has advised many of the large INGOs (Christian Children's Fund, Plan, Save the Children, Oxfam) as well as UN and other multilateral agencies and bilateral donors (CIDA, Danida, DFID, SIDA). One of her best-known works ('What Works for Working Children') was written for Save the Children Sweden.

Jo trained at University College, London (BSc Hons, 1973), Cambridge University and the London School of Economics (PhD, 1983).

In the media

Jo Boyden currently teaches an option on Children, Youth and Development for the MPhil in Development Studies.

Research Students supervised

Paul Kellner
Research Student
Kirsten Pontalti
Research Student
Caitlin Procter
Research Student

Books and monographs

Boyden, Jo (with Michael Bourdillon) (2014) 'Growing Up in Poverty: Perspectives from Young Lives', Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
Boyden, Jo (with M Bourdillon) (eds) (2012) 'Childhood Poverty: Multidisciplinary Approaches', Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
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Boyden, Jo (with J Ennew) (1997) 'Children in Focus, a Manual on Child-centred Participatory Research', Stockholm: Radda Barnen

Journal articles and special issues

Boyden, Jo (with Stefan Dercon, Abhijeet Singh) (2014) 'Child Development in a Changing World: Risks and Opportunities', World Bank Research Observer
Boyden, Jo (with Gina Crivello) (2014) 'On Childhood and Risk: An Exploration of Children's Everyday Experiences in Rural Peru', Children and Society 28 (5) 380-91
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Boyden, Jo (2000) 'Conducting Research with War-affected and Displaced Children: Ethics and Methods', Cultural Survivial Quarterly (Summer Edition)
Boyden, Jo (1996) 'Social and Cultural Meanings of Childhood', Development 1(March)


Boyden, Jo (with Gina Crivello, Virginia Morrow) (2015) 'Gender, Development, Children and Young People'. In Anne Coles, Leslie Gray and Janet Mommsen (eds) The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Development , London: Routledge
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Boyden, Jo (with W Myers) (1998) 'Child Labour: a New Vision. Promoting the Best Interests of Working Children', London: The Save the Children Alliance

Working papers

Boyden, Jo (2007) 'Of Tigers and Snakes: Children's Social Development during Conflict, the Case of Tamil Children in Sri Lanka', Queen Elizabeth House Working Paper No. 151 Oxford: Oxford Department of International Development
Boyden, Jo (with J Hart, J de Berry, T Feeney) (2002) 'Children Affected by Armed Conflict in South Asia: A Review of Trends and Issues Identifired Through Secondary Research', RSC Working Paper Series 7
Boyden, Jo (2000) 'Children and Social Healing', L Carlson, M Mackeson-Sandbach, T Allen (eds) Children in Extreme Situations, Proceedings from the 1998 Alistair Berkley Memorial Lecture, DESTIN Working Paper No 00-05 LSE
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