Dr Ivan Manokha

Departmental Lecturer in International Political Economy

Before joining Oxford in 2016, Ivan Manokha taught at Sciences Po Paris and, prior to that, at the London School of Economics and Sussex University.

In his research, Ivan has investigated the relationship between global capitalism and individual rights, and more recently has worked on the historical development of political economy, particularly on the transformation of classical political economy into economics and the implications of this for our understanding of economic relations. He is currently working on power and obedience in the late-modern political economy, particularly in the context of the development of new technologies of surveillance.

His research work has been published in journals such as Politics, Global Society, Journal of Business Ethics and Raisons politiques.

He holds a PhD in International Relations from Sussex University.

In the media
Workplace surveillance

Ivan Manokha will teach Global Political Economy, Globalisation and Labour, and Surveillance and Human Rights for the MSc in Global Governance & Diplomacy.

Research Students supervised

03 Jan, 2017
'Why the rise of wearable tech to monitor employees is worrying'. Ivan Manokha writes for The Conversation
Research interests:

Political economy; history of economic thought; power; surveillance; ideology; individual rights.