Mr Ilan Manor

Research Student
In the media
Diplomacy 2.0: framing of countries in times of crisis
Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group
Fracturing echo chambers of hate
11 June, 2018
New article by Corneliu Bjola, Ilan Manor explores impact of digitalisation on ‘two-level game theory’ of international negotiations
29 March, 2017
ODID's digital diplomacy researchers recognised in #SODD16 review
02 December, 2016
ODID researchers co-host workshop on Twitter diplomacy at UN Office in Geneva
19 Dec, 2017
'Reaping the benefits of digital public diplomacy'. Corneliu Bjola and Ilan Manor write for the Jerusalem Post
09 Jun, 2017
'From Russia with likes: embassy tweets prove a hit for Moscow'. Ilan Manor cited in Financial Times
22 Apr, 2017
'Re-crafting the Israeli digital narrative'. Corneliu Bjola, Ilan Manor write for Jerusalem Post
11 Apr, 2017
'Embassy tweets are a nifty way for Russia to push buttons'. Ilan Manor cited in The Times
17 Jan, 2017
'Generous friend or reckless bully: Sushma Swaraj’s Twitter diplomacy is a dangerous tightrope walk'. Corneliu Bjola and Ilan Manor quoted in Quartz on Indian Foreign Minister's twiplomatic controversy over Amazon
Research interests:

Diplomacy; digital diplomacy