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Ignacio is an agriculture engineer and holds a masters degree in economics from the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. After completing his masters degree in 2010, he worked in the Department of Economics at Universidad de Concepción as an associate researcher and teaching economics at both undergraduate and graduate levels. During this time he also held the position of Executive Director of the Masters Programmes in Economics. His research focussed mainly on environmental economics, and the majority of this work turned into peer-reviewed journal articles, policy briefings, and book chapters.

In 2014, and understanding that issues such as inequality, environmental degradation, and social conflicts occur simultaneously and are mutually reinforcing, Ignacio decided to shift his academic career in the search of more integrated views and methods. In this context, he attended the MSc in Latin American Development taught at King’s College London. During his studies at King’s, he began to work on the political economy of Latin America.  

During his career, Ignacio has demonstrated a strong vocation towards multidisciplinary work, bringing together people from different disciplines. This ability to develop multidisciplinary work is complemented by Ignacio´s experience and engagement with fields beyond the academy, including the public and private sectors. Indeed, before coming to the UK in 2014, he acted as a board director in a well-known international Chilean food company for more than six years. Likewise, during his doctoral studies at Oxford, he hopes to make a significant contribution to the political economy of inequality in Latin America from a multidisciplinary approach.

  • Undergraduate instruction: Economics, College of Business and Economics, Universidad de Concepción, Chile.
  • Graduate instruction: Microeconomics, College of Business and Economics, Universidad de Concepción, Chile.

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Journal articles and special issues

Schiappacasse, Ignacio (with J Barrena, L Nahuelhual, A Báez, C Cerda. ) (2014) 'Valuing cultural ecosystem services: agricultural heritage in Chiloé island, southern Chile. ', Ecosystem services 7 66-75
Schiappacasse, Ignacio (with F Vásquez, L Nahuelhual, C Echeverría) (2013) 'Labor as a welfare measure in contingent valuation: the value of a forest restoration project', Latin American Journal of Agricultural Science and Environment 69-84 40
Schiappacasse, Ignacio (with L Nahuelhual, F Vásquez, C Echeverría) (2012) 'Valuing the benefits of dryland forest restoration in central Chile', Journal of Environmental Management 97 38-45
Schiappacasse, Ignacio (with J C Birch, A Newton, C A Aquino, E Cantarello, C Echeverría, T Kitzberger, N Garavito) (2010) ' Cost-effectiveness of dryland forest restoration evaluated by spatial analysis of ecosystem services', Proceedings of the National Academic of Sciences 107 21925–30
Research interests:

Political economy; inequality; social policies; private sector; and economic development.