Ida Marie Savio Vammen

Visiting Research Fellow

Ida Marie Savio Vammen is a postdoctoral researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). She conducts ethnographic fieldwork, mainly in Senegal and Argentina, on the multi-scalar politics of mobility that shape West African migration today. In her recent research she explores the local effects of different EU driven border governance policies and interventions in West Africa that aims to put a hold on unwanted migration to Europe. She sheds new light on European funded and driven information campaigns in Senegal as affective borderwork and explores how local populations react to and contest their messages. She is particularly interested in how emotions are used to change potential migrants hopes and behaviour and how this softer side of European migration governance intersects with former colonial mobility narratives and polices in Africa. She also research West African migrants use information along the increasingly dangerous routes to Europe and ask what effects do information campaigns and humanitarian interventions have on migrants’ ways of navigating along the challenging borderlands and their own risk reduction strategies.

She is part of the Borderwork project and the EFFEXT program. Based on ethnographic fieldwork the two projects examine the human, social and political consequences of Europe’s border externalization and the ongoing struggle over mobility.

Research at ODID

During her research stay at ODID she will continue to write about affective borderwork that continues to perform the border in local communities in West Africa and explore how affect and emotions is used to manage aspirations and reshape the hopes associated with migration. Thereby explore the many ways in which EU driven information campaigns try to craft sedentary African subjects and subjective borders in so called ‘potential migrant’ populations thousands of kilometres away from the actual European frontier.

Research interests: