Dr Hailemariam Ayalew Tiruneh

Departmental Lecturer in Development Economics

Hailemariam Ayalew Tiruneh is a Departmental Lecturer in Development Economics at ODID. His research is in the microeconomics of development with a focus on household behaviour.

Before joining the University of Oxford, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at Trinity College Dublin. Hailemariam received his PhD and MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2015, he was a visiting scholar and research fellow at the East African Social Science Transition (EASST) at the University of California in Berkeley. He also worked as a short-term consultant at the World Bank.


Journal articles and special issues

Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Jordan Chamberlin, Carol Newman) (2022) 'Site-specific agronomic information and technology adoption: A field experiment from Ethiopia', Journal of Development Economics 156 102788
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Kate Tiedeman, Jordan Chamberlin, Frédéric Kosmowski, Tesfaye Sida, Robert J Hijmans ) (2022) 'Field Data Collection Methods Strongly Affect Satellite-Based Crop Yield Estimation', Remote Sensing 14 (9) 1995
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Tesfaye Shiferaw Sida, Jordan Chamberlin, Frederic Kosmowski, Peter Craufurd) (2021) 'Implications of intra-plot heterogeneity for yield estimation accuracy: Evidence from smallholder maize systems in Ethiopia', Field crops research 108147
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Frederic Kosmowski, Jordan Chamberlin, Tesfaye Sida, Kibrom Abay, Peter Craufurd) (2021) 'How accurate are yield estimates from crop cuts? Evidence from smallholder maize farms in Ethiopia', Food Policy 102 102122
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Kibrom A. Abay, Woinishet Asnake, Jordan Chamberlin, James Sumberg) (2021) 'Landscapes of opportunity: patterns of young people’s engagement with the rural economy in sub-Saharan Africa', The Journal of Development Studies 57(4) 594-613
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Yeshwas Admasu, Jordan Chamberlin) (2021) 'Is land certification pro-poor? Evidence from Ethiopia', Land Use Policy Elsevier 107 105483
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Dagim G. Belay) (2020) 'Nudging farmers in crop choice using price information: Evidence from Ethiopian Commodity Exchange', Agricultural Economics 51(5) 793-808
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with César Salazar, Peter Fisker ) (2019) 'Weather shocks and spatial market efficiency: evidence from Mozambique', The Journal of Development Studies 55(9) 1967-1982

Working papers

Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Jordan Chamberlin, Carol Frances Newman ) (2020) 'Site-Specific Agronomic Information and Technology Adoption: A Field Experiment from Ethiopia', Trinity College Dublin, Department of Economics tep0620
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Dagim Belay) (2020) 'The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and Spatial Price Dispersion: Disentangling Warehouse and Price Information effects', IFRO Working Paper
Research interests:

Impact Evaluation, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Applied Microeconometrics