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Geraldine Adiku’s research interests are in migration, development and transnationalism. Her research investigates South to North economic transfers between Ghanaian migrants and their relatives. She has worked closely with colleagues at the Centre for Migration Studies, University of Ghana, on the impact of ‘door-to-door’ shipping businesses on the economies of Ghana and the UK.

Geraldine holds a BA and an MPhil in Sociology from the University of Ghana. For her MPhil, she investigated transnational family arrangements among Ghanaians. 

Before joining ODID, she was a teaching assistant at the Department of Sociology, University of Ghana. 

The remittance debate reconsidered: Reverse remittance practice among Ghanaian migrants in the UK...

Journal articles and special issues

Adiku, Geraldine (with Alhassan Sulemana Anamzoya ) (forthcoming) '"If you take money from your wife the respect will come down": Patriarchal norms in reverse remittance behavior among Ghanaian transnational couples', Centre for Migration Studies Reader
Adiku, Geraldine (2017) 'Negotiating transnational intimacy: A study of Ghanaian couples', Ghana Social Science Journal 14 (1) 161-92


Adiku, Geraldine (forthcoming) '‘Interrogating the role of origin country networks in the life of Ghanaian migrants'. In Faisal Garba, Florian Schumacher (eds) Local Dimensions of Globalization , LIT Verlag

Conference papers

Adiku, Geraldine (2016) 'Reverse remittances, an alternative social protection for vulnerable migrants?', Paper presented at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA, April
Adiku, Geraldine (2016) 'Revisiting Notions of Transnational Exchanges between Migrants and their Relatives in Origin Countries', Paper presented at 2nd Postgraduate Conference on Migration, University of Sheffield, UK, June
Adiku, Geraldine (2015) 'Impact of remittances on maternal health in sub-Saharan Africa', Paper presented at the Canadian Sociological Association Conference, Ottawa, Canada, June


Adiku, Geraldine (forthcoming) 'Review: ‘Migration of Rich Immigrants: Gender, Ethnicity and Class’ by Alex Vailati and Carmen Rial (Eds) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)', Border Criminologies Blog, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
Research interests:

African migration, transnational family arrangements, Global South to North flows, migration and development.