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Frances Cossar came to ODID after several years undertaking policy research within international organisations.

She worked with the Chief Economist office at the World Bank on a multi-country research project to investigate the constraints and opportunities for manufacturing development in Sub-Saharan Africa. She then spent several years supporting the Ghana country program of the International Food Policy Research Institute. As a result of that work, her research interests have evolved to focus on agricultural development and the role technology plays in changing farming systems.

She also spent two years supporting budget reforms in the Ministry of Finance, Government of Rwanda, as an ODI Fellow.

She holds a BSc Mathematics and Economics from the London School of Economics, and an MSc Economics with reference to Africa from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Agricultural development, mechanization and rental markets: theory and empirics from Ghana and Eth...

Frances has been teaching assistant in 2015/16 for Quantitative Methods (for the Msc in Global Governance and Diplomacy) and Microeconomic Foundations (for the MPhil in Development Studies).

Research Students supervised

Journal articles and special issues

Cossar, Frances (with Xinshen Diao, Nazaire Houssou and Shashidhara Kolavalli) (2014) 'Mechanization in Ghana: Emerging demand, and the search for alternative supply models', Food Policy 48 168-81
Cossar, Frances (with Nazaire Houssou, Xinshen Diao, Shashidhara Kolavalli, Kipo Jimah and Patrick Ohene Aboagye ) (2013) 'Agricultural Mechanization in Ghana: Is Specialized Agricultural Mechanization Service Provision a Viable Business Model?', American Journal of Agricultural Economics 95 (5) 1237-44


Cossar, Frances (with Hinh T Dinh, VincentPalmade and Vandana Chandra) (2012) 'Light Manufacturing in Africa: targeted policies to enhance private investment and create jobs', World Bank Publications

Working papers

Cossar, Frances (with Nazaire Houssou and Collins Asante-Addo) (2016) 'Development of agricultural mechanization in Ghana: Network, actors, and institutions', IFPRI Ghana Strategy Support Program Working Paper No 43

Conference papers

Cossar, Frances (2016) 'Boserupian Pressure and Agricultural Mechanization in Modern Ghana', Centre for the Study of African Economies Conference 2016, University of Oxford
Research interests:

Agriculture; technology adoption; economic growth; private sector development; rural institutions.