Ferrán Vega

Research Analyst

Ferrán is an empirical microeconomist interested in labour economics and the way internal constraints and non-cognitive skills impact the decision-making and outcomes of the poor. Additionally, he is interested in the potential for applying behavioural insights to policy in areas such as health, education and labour. His MSc thesis explored the mechanisms through which scarcity-inducing economic shocks affected children’s educational aspirations.

As a research analyst at ODID, he is working with Professor Chris Woodruff to identify the causes for very high dispersion in productivity in low-income countries using sub-factory production and survey data from hundreds of garments manufacturers. Additionally, he is assisting with the analysis of data from field-level surveys and field experiments conducted in Sri Lanka and other countries.

Prior to coming to Oxford, he worked as a research assistant in various projects in Ghana, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone. He holds a BA from University College Utrecht, and has recently completed an MSc in Economics for Development at the University of Oxford.

Research interests:

Labour economics, behavioural economics