Ms Evan Easton-Calabria

Research Assistant, 'The Global Governed', RSC

Evan Easton-Calabria is currently completing her DPhil in International Development, tracing the changes and continuities of refugee self-reliance assistance and refugees’ involvement with development since the 1920s.

Her work with refugees began in Kampala, Uganda, in 2011 and led her to focus on both historical and contemporary refugee self-reliance programmes.

She is also a Research Officer for the Humanitarian Innovation Project’s (HIP) research project on refugees’ bottom-up social protection. Through academic research and piloting grassroots self-reliance projects with refugee communities in Kampala, she aims for her academic work to inform not only Refugee Studies but contemporary refugee policy, and in so doing alter the structure of assistance to more fully incorporate refugees as partners.

In the media
The Global Governed? Refugees as Providers of Protection and Assistance
  • Undergraduate tutor (various colleges), University of Oxford (Self-designed courses: Stepping Back and Moving Onwards: History and Forced Migration; Dilemmas of Development: An Introduction to Development Studies)
  • MSc Facilitator, Research Methods Course, MSc ‘Refugee and Forced Migration Studies’
  • Teaching credentials: DLT (in progress), PLTO, CELTA

Research Students supervised

Journal articles and special issues

Easton-Calabria, Evan (2015) 'From Bottom-Up to Top-Down: The ‘Pre-History’ of Refugee Livelihoods Assistance from 1919–1979', Journal of Refugee Studies 28 (3) 412-36
Easton-Calabria, Evan (with W Allen) (2014) 'Developing Ethical Approaches to Data and Civil Society: From Availability to Accessibility', Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research 28 (1) 52-62

Working papers

Easton-Calabria, Evan (2016) '"Refugees asked to fish for themselves”: The Role of Livelihoods Trainings for Kampala’s Urban Refugees', UNHCR New Issues in Refugee Research Working Paper No 277 Geneva: UNHCR
Easton-Calabria, Evan (with J Kaplan) (2016) 'Militaries and Humanitarian Innovation: Opportunities and Risks', Refugee Studies Centre Working Paper No 113 Oxford: University of Oxford
Easton-Calabria, Evan (2016) 'Micro-finance in Refugee Contexts: current scholarship and research gaps', Refugee Studies Centre Working Paper No 116 Oxford: University of Oxford

Other publications

Easton-Calabria, Evan (with J Kaplan ) (2016) 'Military Actors and the Humanitarian Innovation Ecosystem: Questions, Risks, and Opportunities', Humanitarian Exchange Magazine Issue 66
Easton-Calabria, Evan (with P Lucci, D Mansour-Ille, C Cummings) (2016) '‘Arrival Cities’: Internal Migration, Jobs and the Sustainable Development Goals', Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Policy Brief London: ODI
Easton-Calabria, Evan (2016) 'From Participation to Partnership: Refugee-Run Organisations as Important Actors in Development', Forced Migration Review Issue 52 72-4
Easton-Calabria, Evan (with R Hakiza) (2016) '(Loan) Cycles of Innovation: Researching Refugee-Run Micro-Finance ', Humanitarian Exchange Magazine Issue 66
Easton-Calabria, Evan (with J Kaplan) (2015) 'Military Medical Innovation and the Ebola Response: A Unique Space for Humanitarian Civil-Military Engagement', Humanitarian Exchange Magazine Issue 64
Easton-Calabria, Evan (2014) 'Innovation and refugee livelihoods: a historical perspective', Forced Migration Review, Innovation Supplement Issue 47
11 May, 2018
New article by Evan Easton-Calabria and Naohiko Omata critiques refugee 'self-reliance'
09 Aug, 2016
'Microfinance: Startup Seed Funding for Refugees'. Naohiko Omata and Evan Easton-Calabria write for Refugees Deeply
03 Aug, 2015
'The art of self-reliance: stories from the refugees who stay'. Evan Easton-Calabria writes for openDemocracy
Research interests:

Refugee studies (emphasis on refugee livelihoods and self-reliance); international development; 20th century history (particularly relating to refugees); humanitarianism; military humanitarianism; humanitarian innovation; social protection.