Du Liu

Research Officer, TMCD

Du Liu is Research Officer at TMCD working on the 'Valuation of patents and start-ups in the pharmaceutical industry (MED-VEST)' project.

This project is funded by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Oxford Institute (COI). The objective of the MED-VEST project is to develop a conceptual framework and an empirical model(s) for the estimation of the monetary value of patents in the pharmaceutical industry. She is responsible for conducting research concerning the valuation of technology through theory development and statistical analysis of a large firm-level dataset, publishing the academic results of the project, writing up policy reports and undertaking a range of administrative functions to ensure the smooth functioning of the project and the TMCD.

Du was previously a PhD student at the university of Warwick and submitted her PhD dissertation titled “Corporate Financing and Investment Policies with Patent Litigation” in June 2021. Her PhD focuses on the effect of firms’ financial constraints on outcomes in patent disputes and the resulting impact on firms’ R&D expenditure and incentives.

Research interests:

Innovation, Corporate finance theory, Real options modelling, Product market competition